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Interactive Touchscreens


Interactive touchscreens are changing classrooms, boardrooms and learning environments.

Touch eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard. With at least 5 Point optical touch, which enables up to 5 people to write or draw on the screen at the same time – ideal for brainstorming or groups of children.

Touch the screen to pan, zoom and scroll – exactly the same as your smartphone. Some touchscreens are Android so any app can be downloaded once the screen is connected to the Internet.

Most touchscreens are now 4K resolution and have built-in speakers. Laptops, iPads and other similar devices can be connected to these interactive touchscreens with numerous wireless options available also.

We can supply various sizes from 32in up to 84in, either wall mounted or installed on to fixed/mobile trolleys – even electric height adjustable – ideal for small or special needs children.

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